Jonas & Driscoll contributes to the legal community through numerous seminars and speaking engagements designed to teach other Attorneys Effective Litigation Techniques. A sample of these engagements include the following.

"The Art of the Civil Compromise," speaking engagement addressed to the Los Angeles County Bar, MCLE credit, May 1996, by Glen T. Jonas.
"Criminal Defense," speaking engagement, Southwestern Law School, October 1996,by Glen T. Jonas.
"Ethics in Criminal Defense," speaking engagement, Santa Clara University School of Law, March 2001, by Glen T. Jonas.
"Defending Politicians Charged With Corruption," speaking engagement addressed to the California Political Attorney's Association, July 2003, by Glen T. Jonas.
"Civil Compromise," Los Angeles Lawyer Magazine, September 1995, by Glen T. Jonas.
"Enforcing Oral Settlement Agreements," California Lawyer Magazine, May 1997, By Christopher Driscoll.
"In Defense of the Defense Bar," Los Angeles Lawyer Magazine, December 1995, by Glen T. Jonas.
"Court Appointed Experts for Indigents," California Lawyer Magazine, May 1997, By Glen T. Jonas.
"Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity," California Lawyer Magazine, February 1998, by Glen T. Jonas.
"The Right Against Self Incrimination," California Lawyer Magazine, July 1999, by Glen T. Jonas.
"Clearing Up a Criminal Record," California Lawyer Magazine, March 2000, by Glen T. Jonas.
"Ineffective Assistance Of Counsel," California Lawyer Magazine, August 2002, By Glen T. Jonas.
"Wobblers Shaky Ground," California Lawyer Magazine, June 2003, By Glen T. Jonas.
"Get Out of Jail Free," California Lawyer Magazine, October 2006, By Glen T. Jonas.
"Fighting Protective Orders in Criminal Practice," California Lawyer Magazine, November 2007, By Glen T.