THE LAW FIRM OF JONAS AND DRISCOLL has been featured, quoted, cited and otherwise covered by the news channels, Los Angeles Times, Daily Journal, Associated Press and hundreds of papers across the nation. The firm is accustomed to handling high profile cases and using the media to further the client's case. However, there are many instances when publicity can damage a client's case or reputation and in those instances  we are adept at keeping the case low profile. The firm became a permanent part of Los Angeles History when it represented Margie Carranza and Emma Hernandez, the two women shot by the LAPD during the Christopher Dorner Manhunt.

�€� Judge Tosses Conviction: Says new jury can hear new evidence questioning L.A. County Sheriff's Deputy's credibiilty

�€� Jonas & Driscoll win $4.5 million in police brutality trial as reported by te Los Angeles Times.

�€� Jury awards $6 million to bus driver in police brutality case.

�€� Women shot by LAPD during Dorner manhunt get hefty payout.

�€� Glen T. Jonas stands with Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen Trutanich.

�€� Jonas & Driscoll wins $1 million settlement from Hawthorne Police Dept. as reported by the Los Angeles Times.

�€� Politician and Wife Acquitted by Jury in Criminal Trial defended by Glen T. Jonas

�€� CHP Ordered to Return 60 Pounds of Pot

�€� Illegal Wiretap Uncovered Resulting in Dismissal and Money Returned

�€� Los Angeles County Settles with Couple for $650,000 for fable arrest and beating

�€� LAPD officer Defended by Firm in criminal matter